About the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

The Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (SCS-UPF) is a special university centre that aims at bringing closer together society and science. This means that, on one hand, it will foster the scientific knowledge and culture and, on the other hand, it will work for the better alignment between R+D+i –in all its stages– and society’s needs and values.

The group continuously takes part in European, Spanish and Catalan programs and EU funded framework projects. It was the first university research body dedicated to scientific communication in Spain.

The SCS-UPF is in charge of the Impact Assessment Toolkit development for the European project PLACES. As part of this process, a toolkit has been created by an independent scientific committee composed of 28 researchers from diverse backgrounds specialised in the study of Science in Society –under the coordination and supervision of the SCS-UPF. The Center has also coordinated the use of the PLACES Toolkit to carry out a series of case studies across Europe, whose integrated results will serve as the base of a pack of recommendations aimed to promote and define the city of scientific culture in Europe.